Obsidian Sphere

Obsidian Sphere

Haute Macabre


The great protector, the great purifier: Obsidian will rapidly get to the root of your trauma, no matter how deeply it is hidden, and will effectively release the blocks that have been placed in your way.

Obsidian is not a gentle healer. It is a primal void, a psychic purge. It may sound aggressive, but not all healing is to be done with hand holding and soothing tones. There are times when you are a raw, open wound, and need to be jolted out of your own self destruction. Think of obsidian as a psychic weapon: the ancients carved it into blades, use that to cut through your layers of hurt and shadows, to protect you through the darkness while you are guided to the light.

Through the ages, magicians have used obsidian as a scrying tool. Use this during your trance work to view your spirit self, versions of you that walk beyond the thresholds. Obsidian will allow you to see your dark reflections, and effectively navigate the shadows.

You may read more about my struggles with anxiety, and what steps I have taken to begin to overcome it, in this post, Beyond the Totality: Alleviating the Darkness, on the Haute Macabre blog.


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