Lifting the Veils: Spiderweb and Midnight Lace Obsidian

Lifting the Veils: Spiderweb and Midnight Lace Obsidian

Haute Macabre


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Spiderweb Orbs 1-4

Spiderweb Orbs 5-9

Midnight Lace Palm stones

A relatively new find, Spiderweb Obsidian is an inky blue shadow balancer, covered in ectoplasmic webbing. Providing strength in times of need, it neutralizes extreme emotions, especially negative ones that can emerge in the darkness. Acting as a road opener, releasing personal blocks that you have built to hold yourself back.

Sharing the protective qualities of all obsidian, Midnight Lace is a rare, partially translucent form found only in one mine is Russia. I attest this stone to peering through the veils and working through dark thought groves of experience, but as a gentle traveler or student, and not a harsh psychic warrior. Each piece is banded with striations of opaque black and diaphanous brown, allowing us to quietly see through to the other side. 

Please note that your Midnight Lace Obsidian will be energetically selected for you. Each is unique and individual. 

As with all obsidian, these are both psychic weapons, although not as aggressive as the void black specimens. 


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